Grants of up to £5k to reduce business energy costs

The Low Carbon Workspaces Project team: (L-R) Project Officers Lisa Gibson and Rowan Wallis with Programme Manager Alex Beckett.

Replacing inefficient lighting, boilers, computers or printers or insulating your building can have an immediate impact on your energy spend. The team at Low Carbon Workspaces works with businesses to identify ways they can cut their energy bills and supports them with grant funding of up to £5,000 to implement energy efficiency measures.

Double glazing, cavity wall and ceiling insulation and new efficient boilers don’t come for free, but investing in them can pay off. The Crossing at St Paul’s Ltd has been awarded a £5,000 grant to replace an old boiler system, with savings projected at 55,000kWh, 10 tonnes of CO2e, and nearly £2,000 a year. LED lighting is another popular measure for driving down energy costs. E. Hulme & Son Ltd, which manufactures small leather goods in Walsall, has been awarded over £1,000 towards an LED lighting project.

One business owner supported by the project almost did away with the heating altogether after installing ceiling cavity insulation and double glazed windows in his office.

The chances are there is too much waste in your business because almost every business wastes either inventory, products, services, or time. But none pinch quite as much as wasting energy, and the frustrating thing is that it’s normally very easy to spot this waste

Becoming more energy efficient is a team effort that starts at the top. If the employee handbook includes tips on saving energy, then turning the office lights off in the evening can become as natural at work as it is at home. Explaining to employees what it is you hope to invest in with money saved is a great way of helping people visualise the benefits of saving energy.

Low Carbon Workspaces has a great track record of helping businesses to save on their energy bills and cut their greenhouse gas emissions. The team works with businesses to identify ways they can reduce their energy usage. Our experienced energy advisers can visit your site so you get the benefit of their expert advice alongside the money for your project.

Lighting the way to energy efficiency

A Low Carbon Workspaces grant has helped a Walsall business save money with a new lighting system.

E. Hulme & Son was looking to improve the energy performance of its manufacturing facility in the Black Country to ensure that a proposed solar photovoltaic (PV) project could achieve the higher Feed in Tariff rate.

The Low Carbon Workspaces team confirmed that replacing the current lighting onsite with LEDs would contribute to a higher Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating, and provide great savings compared with the current lighting - particularly as LEDs last up to 3.75 times longer than fluorescent lights. The team awarded a £1,100 grant to E. Hulme & Son to replace its 20W, 60W, 85W, and 500W lights with 6W, 15W, 20W, and 28W LEDs. This will help the leather goods manufacturer save hundreds of pounds, 1,750 kWhs of electricity, and 0.62 tonnes of CO2e per year.

“I was very impressed with the Low Carbon Workspaces team,” said Robert Hulme, Managing Director of E. Hulme & Son. “If we hadn't received this funding, we wouldn't have even looked into making these changes to begin with. I was 100% satisfied with how the grant application was managed. The team at Low Carbon Workspaces helped guide me towards a more efficient type of lighting (LEDs) than had been suggested by an electrician, determined other energy measures that could be implemented, and provided me with details of other grant funding available.”

Alex Beckett, Low Carbon Workspaces Programme Manager, explained: “E. Hulme & Son had several goals in mind when embarking on this project, and I am delighted that we could help them with every one of these. The financial and energy savings they will see are a great start, and in addition the grant will help the business achieve a higher EPC rating and thus progress its implementation of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels.”

Get in touch with Low Carbon Workspaces to see how we can support your energy efficiency plans with grants between £1,000 and £5,000. Call 01494 927131 or email to chat to the team.

"The grant process was smooth and we quickly received £5,000. We immediately put this to use on a a raft of new LED light fittings throughout our office and factory."

Kevin Harman
Managing Director, ABA Stronalva

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IMPORTANT: The Low Carbon Workspaces project is delivered by Ngage Solutions and we will NEVER ask for any kind of payment, by pre-paid credit card or any other method, before a business can access a grant.


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