We know the demand is out there for what you do. And although the UK market might seem big enough now, thinking of markets beyond our shores could really pay off.

There are probably a few reasons you choose not to be an exporter. Chief amongst these will undoubtedly be the perceived hassle you will face; the challenge of new regulations, additional paperwork and even cultural barriers.

But we’re here to help and show you it’s easier than you think. Take a look at the support on offer below and get in touch if you want more advice about getting started.

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Local Export Support

The Department for International Trade (DIT) is the Government department designed to help UK companies export their goods and services; to succeed on the global stage.

Providing businesses of all sizes with a range of support and advice services, DIT’s experienced international trade advisers offer mentoring and assistance to develop an international trade strategy, find new customers and visit potential markets abroad.

The DIT will help you attend trade fairs, carry out market research and exploit the expertise of a network of contacts around the world, providing crucial, comprehensive and ongoing support.

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Enterprise Europe Network

Before you embark on international expansion, the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) can help you pinpoint the most viable markets for your business and explore these opportunities in depth.

The EEN will put you in touch with the right local partners, collaborators and distributors to help you navigate local rules and regulations. It can also introduce you to new ways of sourcing and selling across your target countries.

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Open to Export

Open to Export is a free online information service from the ‘Institute of Export & International Trade’, which is dedicated to helping small UK businesses get ready to export and expand internationally.

You can obtain a wealth of free information and advice, whilst connecting with the full spectrum of organisations that provide support for businesses wishing to start exporting. Thousands of companies are using the service to connect, learn and talk about going global through a range of forums, webinars, guides and useful contacts.

And for those ready to look overseas for success, the export action plan will take you through 5 key steps to ensure you become another UK export hero

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UK Export Finance

UK Export Finance ensures that no viable UK export fails for lack of finance or insurance, while operating at no net cost to the taxpayer.

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SME International Growth Project

WMCC are currently developing a new and exciting project aimed at stimulating export growth within the region.

The project SME International Growth Project’ will address identified gaps in core International Trade Services provision and provide additional elements that will address business needs and provide financial support that will encourage and assist SMEs in the West Midlands to investigate and move into new overseas markets to take advantage of opportunities and deliver export growth.

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The International Trade Portal

International trading is a big step forward for your business, but it can be difficult to know how to break into a new market.

Lloyds Bank has developed the International Trade Portal to give you the background knowledge to plan with confidence and practical resources for every step of the journey, from targeting the right market to making your first shipment.

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Santander Trade

The Santander Trade Portal offers information, tools and resources to help you grow your business abroad.

The Portal also provides access to online seminars, presented by experts in various fields of international trade, and a network of market entry services experts to accompany your international expansion.

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