A&M EDM appoints “Fab Four” new directors

Smethwick based precision engineering company A&M EDM has appointed four new directors to strengthen its management team to drive future development.

The new directors, who have been promoted from within the company are:

Lee Finch – Production Director EDM

Stuart Talbot – Production Director CNC

Gary Surman –Technical Director CNC

Arthur Watts – Technical Director EDM

A&M are an award winning manufacturer of precision components and tooling for aerospace, automotive, manufacturing assembly and motorsport customers. A&M’s workforce has doubled since 2013 to 70 staff, with annual sales over £6m.

The new directors will work with Managing Director, Mark Wingfield on future strategy and assume responsibility for day to day operations across the company’s two factories.

Lee Finch and Arthur Watts are responsible for A&M’s spark and wire erosion electro discharge machining (EDM).  A&M started business in 2002 as an EDM contact shop and now offers one of the largest commercial EDM services in the UK

Stuart Talbot and Gary Surman will lead A&M’s growing precision machining capabilities. A&M have 29 milling and turning CNC machines manufacturing bespoke designs, prototypes and production runs of precision parts and tooling. 

Mark Wingfield said

“All four have made an invaluable contribution to A&M’s success to date as managers, they are all incredibly talented engineers, who will ensure we continue to prosper and deliver pure precision quality as fast as possible for all our customers.”

All the new directors and Mark have been recognised by industry peers as role models in the top 100 outstanding individuals in UK Manufacturing in recent years.