Meet the facilitators | Peer Networks programme

The Peer Networks programme enables local businesses to join forces in a non-competitive environment and use their shared experience to overcome common (or not so common) challenges, find new sales opportunities and expand their networks.

Places are limited but fully funded by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, so there's no cost to your business.

Throughout the programme you will be able to access regular virtual sessions with a group of other Black Country business representatives, to discuss important topics & see what solutions or methods other local companies have put in place.

These sessions will be run by experienced facilitators who will keep each session on track and will be able to provide any relevant information such as contact details or updates on related support opportunities from the Black Country LEP Growth Hub and its local and national partners.

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Meet the facilitators:

"Created to help improve the performance and profitability of companies of all sizes, ibd Business Advice Group have a network of over 200 specialist business advisers across the UK.

Our focus is on delivering results in the most cost effective and efficient way by providing advice, guidance and practical, ‘hands on’ support to businesses of all sizes. Ibd business advisers use their skills and expertise to create unique, tailored solutions that address the challenges faced by individual businesses and then support these businesses through the implementation stage and beyond."


"We are a company dedicated to minimising the global digital skills gap, and building inclusive and equitable workplaces where all employees are valued and contribute towards the success of the organisation.

We develop human-centred course content, experiential learning programmes and events for organisations looking to empower people and stimulate economies from a grassroots level. We embrace and celebrate our growing global network of coaches, trainers and team members. We believe the key to minimising the digital skills gap is in sharing both knowledge and experiences."


If you’d like to know more about the facilitators or the programme in general, please do get in touch with our business support team by clicking here, emailing us at or calling us on 0333 070 5805.