Thrive At Work: Wellbeing Awards Programme

One in six workers experience mental health difficulties which has resulted in millions of lost work hours from sickness and presenteeism (where workers attend work unwell).

Mental illness is the single biggest cause of sickness absence followed by musculoskeletal. We want to ensure every organisation within the Midlands region is confident, equipped and has the relevant supportive mechanisms in place to prevent and support their staff’s mental health and wellbeing when they need it.

Thrive at Work Workplace Wellbeing Awards programme (Thrive at Work) is a free holistic workplace wellbeing accredited programme that has been created by the West Midlands Combined Authority and funded by the Midlands Engine Mental Health and Productivity Pilot. It is designed to guide managers to make effective decisions on employee mental health and wellbeing.

The Thrive at Work consists of three levels; bronze, silver and gold and focuses on the following themes:

  • Enablers of health
  • Mental health
  • Musculoskeletal health
  • Lifestyles and
  • External risks to health

Thrive at Work enables every organisation to be in a position where they can implement early interventions confidently and reap the rewards of reduced sickness absence, lower staff turnover and an increase of productivity and job satisfaction. Thrive at Work is a benchmark of best policy and practice. It is designed to enable you to achieve and celebrate your happy and healthy workforce.

Thrive at Work’s new ‘Foundation Level’ is a 90-day, five step process that builds a bespoke robust and effective action plan for any organisation with at least eight employees. Employers who complete this stage are recognised with the Thrive at Work ‘Working Towards’ certificate and logo, demonstrating that you are serious about improving the mental health and wellbeing of your employees.

Who can sign up?

Thrive at work is open to any organisation that employs more than eight people.

Are there any hidden costs?

It is completely free. We want every person in every organisation within the Midlands region to feel supported with their health and wellbeing and thoroughly thrive. We want every organisation within the region to strive from strength to strength.

If the organisation falls outside of the Midlands region there may be a charge involved for the accreditation visit to take place. Please speak with the Thrive at Work team to gain further guidance.

Over 400 organisations have signed up to the programme. Any organisation of any size and location can sign up and access the online toolkit for free.

For more information please see our brief leaflet, detailed brochure, website or feel free to get in contact with us at or 0121 214 7861. Alternatively, you can visit the Midlands Engine Mental Health and Productivity Pilot for other services provided by Midlands Engine.