Thrive at Work Wellbeing Commitment

Discover the free, holistic workplace wellbeing accreditation programme that is already helping thousands to be healthier and happier at work  

One in six people suffer with poor mental health at work. A problem that is further compounded by recent uncertainty arising from the coronavirus outbreak. The associated costs of sickness absences, presenteeism and staff turnover runs into thousands for many businesses.  

Thrive at Work is a free holistic approach to managing workplace wellbeing. It supports employers by providing practical but effective techniques for keeping staff motivated and healthy. Managers are guided on how to support their teams based on five thematic areas that are known to be key influences on employee mental health and wellbeing: 

Thrive at Work key themes: 

  • Enablers of health – addressing organisational leadership, policies and procedures that can help effect change. 
  • Mental health – takes into account the development of mental wellbeing strategies, training and support.  
  • Musculoskeletal – considers how posture and movement at work, including viewing display screens can impact on physical health. 
  • Lifestyles – tackles general wellbeing issues such as smoking, alcohol, substance use, weight management and physical activity.  
  • External risks to health – considers wider impacts on health, such as financial pressures, domestic abuse and caring responsibilities. 


Employers that sign up are supported by a team of experienced assessors and your progress through the programme is accredited at BronzeSilver then Gold levels, with accredited organisations receiving their award at a special ceremony.  

In addition, a new Foundation level has been introduced to help employers advance towards accreditation within 90 days. 

Rachel Kearney from Moor Hall Hotel said: “Thrive at Work has been a huge success for us.  Staff turnover and absence levels have reduced.  Our employees are talking more and we are now confident that we can offer support to them if they need it.” 

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