What is Mid-Life MOT? Midlands Opportunities

Midlands Opportunities is a collaboration between the Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) of the Black Country (BCLEP), Greater Birmingham & Solihull (GBSLEP), and Coventry & Warwickshire (CWLEP). The Midlands Opportunites portal aims to achieve two outcomes: to make local apprenticeships, courses and jobs information easier to navigate and to provide a portal to launch the Mid-Life MOT programme in the Midlands.

The mid-life MOT project is designed to help those aged 50+ to assess their skills, finances and wellbeing to prepare for future opportunities.

You can find out more about this project at an upcoming webinar on the 16th March 

What is the Mid-Life MOT?

The Mid-Life MOT is an opportunity to invest in yourself or for businesses to invest in their staff.

For people aged 50+, the Mid-Life MOT is a great way to take the time to plan your work, wellbeing and finances more actively, helping you to and can help you to make choices that will ensure the future and retirement you want.  As many of us are working and living longer the free services offered by the Mid-Life MOT can help you to invest in yourself and prepare for the future.

For businesses with staff aged 50+, you can introduce the Mid-Life MOT in your workplace to support your employees with their skills, finances and wellbeing, and have wider business and productivity benefits too.

Why is this important?

At some stages in your working life, you could be at risk of losing your job unexpectedly, including through redundancy. Additionally, health problems and caring responsibilities disproportionately affect people over 50. Once out of work, it can be difficult to return.

You can realise the benefits of an older workforce by supporting a midlife MOT in the workplace. Toolkits are available for larger (external website) and smaller (external website) employers alongside an employer guidance pack (pdf) which details changes you can make in the workplace.

As life expectancy continues to rise, and the retirement age is creeping up, responsible employers are looking to support their wellbeing of their employees, whether that is physical, mental or financial.  Building resilience is important for individuals and for businesses, supporting skills development in the workplace and supporting planning for life beyond work. 

If you’re considering recruiting new employees, you can take a look at what government support is on offer and get tips on recruiting inclusively.

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