Recruitment and Social Care | Shirley Way #IWD2019

Recruitment and Social Care | Shirley Way #IWD2019

One issue that features high on the list for social care providers in the Black Country is recruitment and this Blog will look at a few of the areas that Skills for Care can support

Within the Black Country we have approx. 28,600 social care jobs within over 550 CQC registered organisations with vacancy rates of between 5-10% across Local Authority areas. Of those employed in these roles approx. 22% are aged over 55 and an average of 86% are female. (Figures taken from our National Minimum Dataset for Adult Social Care – NMDS-SC). Demographically we are an ageing population who are living longer with long term conditions and an ageing workforce.

We know that we have at any one time 110,000 vacancies across England (taken from the evidence collated for the current Department of Health & Social Care National Recruitment Campaign)

There is an increasing need to promote the career opportunities within the social care sector and to dispel some of the myths that surround some of these roles.

Skills for Care have supported a number of initiatives within the Black Country to support social care providers including linking with Careers and Enterprise, Job Centre Plus and local colleges/schools with our I Care…Ambassadors to promote careers within the sector. In partnership with the Black Country Consortium we have delivered the Getting Started with Value Based Recruitment Seminar and are currently looking at the development of the Black Country Skills Factory to include social care and health

For social care providers we can offer a range of information, advice and support to address recruitment and retention needs.

Annette Baines (Programme Head for Recruitment and Retention at Skills for Care) shares some of the best ways to invest in your recruitment process, to get the biggest rewards:

Plan your recruitment

Before you advertise your vacancies, you need to know who you want to recruit so you can be proactive and attract the best talent.

You can use our National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC) to store information about your workforce, and compare it to local and national information, to make informed decisions about your recruitment.

It can help you to explore your current workforce and identify any gaps, so you can target your recruitment and get the right mix and numbers of staff to meet the demands of your service now and in the future.

You also need to think about the type of people that you want to recruit.

Before you recruit, it’s important to think about your organisational values and culture. Having a positive culture and strong workplace values will help you attract people who know what it means to deliver high quality care and who are more likely to stay.

You should review your organisational values regularly to make sure they still reflect the aims and objectives of your organisation, and embed them into your recruitment process.

Attract the right candidates

Each time you recruit, take the time to review your job adverts and descriptions and ensure they reflect the type of candidate you want to recruit. The more accurate they are, the more likely it is that you’ll get applicants who match it.

Make sure they include your organisational values, so you can quickly assess whose application you want to progress, and whose you don‚Äôt. Our ‚ÄėEmbedding values into job descriptions and person specifications‚Äô guide can help.

On Tuesday 12 February, the Department of Health and Social Care launched the national recruitment campaign to attract more people to work in care, and you can download their resources to help you attract more candidates.

Select the right people

Investing time in the selection process can reduce the number of ‚Äėwrong choices‚Äô and save you the time and money associated with recruiting the wrong people.

There are lots of methods that can help you select the right people, and you might use more than one, including:

  • using profiling tools
  • involving people who need care and support in selection
  • offering potential candidates a taster day or trial shift
  • involving existing staff in selection
  • conducting values-based interviews
  • running an assessment centre or day.

Break the cycle and invest in your recruitment

Investing in recruitment can ensure you find the best candidates for your vacancies and break the cycle of recruiting and re-recruiting the wrong people.

We have lots of tips and resources to help on our website, or follow #Caretoretain on Twitter to keep up to date.

If you are a Black Country social care provider and you need any further support please contact me as your Locality Manager for Skills for Care, Shirley Way ‚Äď


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Skills for Care

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Skills for Care helps create a well-led, skilled and valued adult social care workforce.

They are a trusted independent charity with over 18 years’ experience in workforce development, working as a delivery partner for the Department of Health and Social Care. Their practical support helps leaders and managers recruit, develop and lead their staff, retaining them from entry level right through to senior leadership and management roles.


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