COVID19 Small Business Grants FAQ: Quotes

It is a condition of ERDF Grant Funding that all applicants must be able to provide 3 quotes to demonstrate value for money.

Please review this guide to ensure you are providing the right type of quote documentation and understand why this information is needed.


Instant Rejection Criteria

  • Not providing 3 eligible quotes will result in your application being rejected.
  • Submitting Invoices Paid as Quotes will result in your application being rejected.
  • Requesting grant for existing busines overheads (eg. Rent, utility bills etc) will result in your application being rejected.
  • Including ineligible spend in your quotes (eg. Extended warranties, corporation tax etc) will result in your application being rejected.


Preferred Supplier Quote

The first quote you provide must be for your preferred supplier. You can choose any supplier you want, even if they are not the lowest quote you received.

However, the quote total must match the amount of grant you have requested (allowing for any variations in VAT – see below).

For example: If you are requesting £2,000 as your grant amount, but the supplier quote provided is only for £1,200, your application will be rejected,

You cannot request a grant amount which is more than your preferred supplier quote.

VAT Registered Businesses

If you are VAT Registered, you cannot claim for VAT in your grant amount. Please see the examples below:

NON-VAT registered Business:

  • Supplier quote is for £1,200 (£1000 + VAT@20% = £1,200)
  • Can request £1,200 as their grant amount

VAT registered Business:

  • Supplier quote is for £1,200 (£1000 + VAT@20% = £1,200)
  • Can only request £1,000 as their grant amount (ie. VAT should not be included)


Multiple items from multiple suppliers

We strongly advise purchasing all equipment items from a single supplier. However, if you need to bundle items from 2 or more suppliers, you must still provide a single document that includes the quote(s) from all suppliers.

For example: If you are purchasing Item 1 at £500 and Item 2 for £700, your total grant request would be £1,200 and you would need to provide a single document (preferably PDF) that contains the quotes for £500 and £700 respectively.

You must then repeat this process for the 2 additional quotes required to process your application.


Screenshots as Quotes

Wherever possible, please provide a formal quotation. However, for equipment purchases (ie. Computer hardware) we can accept screenshots from online store baskets.

Please note that the screenshots must be legible and show all products, descriptions and process in the screenshot. Please see below for good and poor examples:


Specialist Advisor Quotes

If you are applying for the grant to engage with a specialist advisor, you still need to provide your preferred supplier quote, alongside 2 additional quotes to demonstrate fair market value and value for money.

Alternative quotes for specialist support must be a document that includes the company details (address, registration number, contact details etc) that outlines their day rate and estimated time to be taken and/or the estimated total charge.

In lieu of a formal invoice, we can accept an email (saved as a PDF) that is sent from the advisor from a registered business email address that also includes the information above.



All quotes must be like for like. If you provide 3 quotes for 3 different items/services, your application will be rejected.

The purpose of the other quotes is to demonstrate value for money and that you are paying a fair price for your equipment/services.

For example:

If you are purchasing a Laptop for £1,200, then your additional quotes need to be for the same brand and specification of laptop from alternative suppliers.

If you provide 2 quotes for the same laptop and a 3rd quote for a desktop computer, your application will be rejected.