Women in Recruitment | Sarah Dullea #IWD2019

Women in Recruitment | Sarah Dullea #IWD2019

I run a recruitment business, but why? Well, I’m not quite sure how I ended up doing this, but like everything else in life you just find a path and it takes you on your current journey.

I was working full time as a Group Communications Manager for an engineering company and knew when I fell pregnant with my second child that 1) I couldn’t/didn’t want to work full time and 2) I couldn’t/didn’t want to do the travelling. A friend of mine who owned a local recruitment business asked me to go in with her and that’s when my current journey started.

I love people and have been told I’m a great communicator, a natural people person, a good listener and I’m approachable. People like talking to me and I think that’s helped in the sector I work in. I love going to work and now that I am once again working full time and running a business, I like having more control over my time. I work much harder and longer hours than I did when I was employed but as the ‘woman, mother and wife’ I’m the one that drops the kids off at school, picks them up, sorts out the before and after school clubs, sorts out their school bags, ensures uniforms are ready and that they are fed and watered = breakfasts and dinners!

It’s usually after 8pm before I sit down, after getting up at 6am and having a full day at work. Just because I’m leaving work on the dot at 5pm does not mean I finish work then, I spend many evenings once the kids are in bed working or planning, you never shut off when you run your own business. I’m probably not too dissimilar to other working moms out there that do exactly the same.

Men – don’t get me wrong I’m not anti-men at all but they do seem to have an easier ride when it comes to work, they never seem to have to take that back seat or do half as much as we do – or do they? And don’t get me started on the pay gap it, really is shocking in this day and age that we have to fight for pay equality, but things appear to be getting better. I’ve worked at many companies where women do not come close to getting the same pay as men at the same level but I do understand that not all companies are the same. I wonder what the statistic is of how many women are the highest earners where their husbands take a back seat? Interesting.

Going back to recruitment, it is common among women to not mention their children if/when questioned on the subject, employers only want to hear that you have good childcare and a great support network. Maybe women employers/managers feel the same, do they judge or do they empathise?

I try to help women that have been out of work due to maternity/career break raising their children. Many of these women had really good careers and high managerial positions before they stopped to have children and generally they struggle to get back in at that level if they have taken five years out of work. There are also returning to work moms that don’t want that level again, they just want a couple of days a week for their own sanity and want to go home on the dot as they have a million other things to do when they get in (sourcing or making your World Book Day Costume or making an Easter Bonnet!)

Again, there are women who decide they never want to work again and their husbands can look after them and there are women who decided not to have any children – can they take an extended break from work like pregnant women can? Surely that should be an option? There is no right or wrong career choice, it’s entirely everyone’s own decision.

Do some women look back on reflection and regret these life choices?

I love going to work so don’t judge me for rushing off at the school gates and not doing any pick-ups, that is my choice. I love my children but I also love working and sometimes you can have both, I do both and so do many other women.

So, let’s raise a glass to all women whatever they do, as women make the World a much greater place – I salute you all!


Sarah Dullea

Director and Founder

Switch Job

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